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In April 2016, we brought 850+ faith leaders together for one extraordinary week.

Monday, April 4

The Porn Phenomenon

David Kinnaman, Roxanne Stone

What does the world really think of pornography? How do attitudes toward porn and sexualized media change over generations? And more importantly, what can we do about it?

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Pornography in the Church

Steve Arterburn

Porn is the greatest threat facing the Church today. Those in the Church must live with integrity—reaching out when we struggle, understanding and addressing the complexities of a porn addiction, and sharing the message with others.

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From Recovery to Redemption

Michael Leahy

We can no longer ignore the problem of pornography… but how can we help long-term users find true freedom? What’s the best way to mentor them through the healing process?

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Tuesday, April 5

Brain Science and Porn

William Struthers, Donald Hilton, and Ted Roberts

When a person uses pornography, that person struggles not only spiritually but also neurologically. To best help that person, we need to understand more about how using pornography impacts a person’s nervous system.

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Effects of Porn Use

Mary Anne Layden

We know that with the advent of the Internet, pornography is now pervasive and easily available. But do we know its impact? Understanding these outcomes is the first step to setting us all free from these catastrophic consequences.

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Policy Victories

Patrick Trueman and Dawn Hawkins

The movement to end sexual exploitation is here! This fight is no longer waged alone. Tens of thousands are standing up to defend human dignity and oppose sexual exploitation.

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Porn: A Social Contagion that Fuses Fear, Shame, and Lust

Judith Reisman

Around the middle of the 20th Century, Alfred Kinsey, Hugh Hefner, and others set out to redefine how we saw sexuality. The result has been increasingly hardcore child pornography, available to younger and younger children.

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Theology of the Body

Fr. Sean Kilcawley

What is love? What is wrong with pornography anyway? Why can’t I stop even though I know it’s wrong? A vision of human and divine love can provide a road map for understanding and healing pornography and sexual addiction.

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Counseling Towards Recovery

Steve Arterburn, Jayson Graves, and Ted Roberts

Counseling is a nuanced practice, but when you need to counsel people who are in pain because of pornography use—and who are perhaps even addicted to it—it is even more challenging.

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Wednesday, April 6

More Than Fantasy

Jessica Harris

Women don’t really watch pornography, do they? They’re just into fantasy, not ‘real’ pornography, right? Wrong. Women you lead, women who lead, wives, sisters, daughters, mothers, women you know are watching pornography.

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Fantasy Island

Kenny Luck

Why is fantasy so powerful? Why is it so destructive on so many levels? What does fantasy reveal about a man’s relationship to reality? What emotional conflicts within men are at the root? What are the relational consequences of engaging in unhealthy fantasy?

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Healing a Wife’s Wounded Heart

Vicki Tiede

When a husband is addicted to pornography, his wife often bears the fallout of his choices, leaving her shattered, betrayed, and alone. How can we help her focus her eyes on the God of Hope and begin a spiritual quest to redefine her life regardless of her husband’s daily choices?

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The Power of Accountability

Ron DeHaas

We now have data that clearly shows the connection between accountability and passing on the parents’ good values to their kids. The family that talks together walks together. Those who take the spiritual formation of their family are successful in passing on their values.

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Parenting in a Dirty World

Doug Weiss and Donna Rice Hughes

The vast majority of boys are exposed to pornography before they turn 18, and the average age of first exposure is just 12 years old. How well do you understand what seeing pornography does to a child and that child’s view of sexuality? What about shame?

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Talking to Students

Clay Olsen, Michael Leahy, and Sean McDowell

Children and young adults live in a culture that has accepted pornography as a normal part of life. How can you have a real conversation about pornography and help these young people turn toward a more wholesome sexuality?

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The Spiritual Aspect of Pornography

Bernie Anderson

The essence of Christian faith can be defined as reconciled relationship with the creator. Pornography simply undermines that notion. Rather than enhance intimacy with God and others it utterly decimates both relationships.

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A Biblical View of Sexuality

Jacob Aranza

If you want to know what God wants to use then look at what the enemy is attacking. Anything you don’t understand the purpose of, you abuse. After all, sex was God’s idea.

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Thursday, April 7

Is Real Revival Possible?

Ted Roberts

In our clinical studies we have discovered that 60-72% of men sitting in the pews on the weekend in Evangelical churches meet the clinical criteria for being a sexual addict. Is there hope for real revival? Is there a biblical pattern that we can look to for hope?

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Accountability in the Church

Luke Gilkerson

While many people in the church believe accountability is a good idea, often the experience is less-than-desirable. How does accountability go wrong, and how we can create new norms in the church that make accountability a blessing once again?

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Protecting Church Leaders

Jay Dennis

Since every church and Christian home is affected by pornography in some way, we need to give pastors the tools to communicate about the bubonic plague of pornography within the church. Pastors can win this war! Pastors must win this war!

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A Call to Arms

Josh McDowell

We need a Wilberforce, a Mother Theresa and a Bonhoeffer in the church today who have the courage to battle the devastation of porn as they did slavery, poverty, and Nazism. The church is the only hope to reverse this trend. Will you do your part?

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