Set Free Summit

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    One of the most frequent questions we heard—and still hear—after the Set Free Summit is, “When are you going to hold another one?” Truthfully, neither the Covenant Eyes team nor Josh McDowell Ministry has any plans to host another one. The four days we spent learning together were absolutely fantastic, but the Covenant […]


Syzygy and the Set Free Summit

Syzygy. It’s a great word if you’re playing Scrabble. It is usually reserved for the times that three or more celestial bodies line up perfectly.

But it now holds sway as a one-word summary of the Set Free Global Summit two weeks ago.


Avoiding Post-Conference Paralysis: Taking Action on What We Learned

Prior to working at Covenant Eyes, I was a youth ministry director for six years. In this role, I was expected to attend large conferences. These massive, 3-4 day events with my peers and the nation’s top experts on student ministry were gold for me. I took copious notes and stalked certain speakers during break-out sessions, soaking up everything, while drinking way too much Mountain Dew.

But then I would come home, and the same thing happened almost every time – I refer to it as PCP, or “Post-Conference Paralysis.” I was left with an overwhelming feeling of “now what?” All of the brilliant concepts and Holy-Spirit prompted ideas seemed like a huge square peg in a round hole, competing for space with clearing out my email inbox, and ordering pizza for the evening youth group gathering, among a mountain of other seemingly “urgent” things.

Have you ever experienced this? Maybe you have PCP right now.


A Recap of Thursday’s Sessions

The Set Free Summit concludes today with a focus on restoration. We have recognized the problem of pornography and how pervasive it is in our culture throughout our world. Today, we discover how we can be restored and help others become restored through God’s Word. Dr. Ted Roberts: Is Real Revival Possible? Roberts took the attendees […]


Josh McDowell: Call to Arms

“We need a Wilberforce, a Mother Theresa and a Bonhoeffer in the church today who have the courage to battle the devastation of porn as they did slavery, poverty, and Nazism,” said Josh McDowell. May we rise up to be a part of the solution–starting with ourselves, then our families, our churches, our children’s schools, our […]


A Recap of Wednesday’s Sessions

It’s Day 3 of the Set Free Summit, and the theme is hope. Our presenters empowered us with practical tips, tools and approaches to help those affected by pornography. Whether we’re working with a woman who struggles, a betrayed wife, a parent trying to talk to their children about sexual temptation or a mentor trying to reach […]


A Recap of Tuesday’s Sessions

Well, it’s been another incredible day at the Set Free Summit! Here’s a recap of today’s sessions: Session 4: Brain Science and Porn Donald L. Hilton, Dr. William Struthers, and Dr. Ted Roberts, three of the world’s leading experts on brain science and pornography, shared how porn affects a person’s nervous system. Here are three of their main points: […]


What is Addiction?

In recent years, there’s been a debate about addiction and pornography. We know Internet pornography rapidly becomes habitual, but is it addiction?

In these videos, created for the Set Free Summit, Dr. David Greenfield weighs in on this important issue. If you’ll be at the Summit, we highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch them for important foundational information.


A Recap of Monday’s Sessions

What a day! The Set Free Summit kicked off with an audience representing 19 countries and 350 different organizations. The purpose: to bring awareness to the pervasive problem of pornography and encourage the Church to fight for freedom. Three amazing speakers took the stage to share their stories and insights about porn’s destructive nature and the redemption that […]


The Unexpected Connection Between Our Questions and Our Beliefs About Porn

People who admitted to using pornography at least once a month were asked if they considered it “always wrong” to view sexual images when the sexual acts are forced or painful. Only about 50% said that would always be wrong!

Ask the question a little differently: Do you consider it “always wrong” to view sexual images when the sexual acts are not consensual? More than 75% believe that is always wrong.